Maudie (2016)

Maudie (2016)

Maudie (2016) – A Beautiful Portrait of Artistic Triumph and Love

“Maudie” is a 2016 biographical drama film directed by Aisling Walsh. Inspired by the life of Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis, the film tells the story of Maud’s journey from a reclusive and physically challenged woman to a celebrated artist. With its heartfelt storytelling, mesmerizing performances, and poignant exploration of love and artistic expression, “Maudie” captures the essence of one woman’s indomitable spirit and creative triumph.

A Remarkable True Story

“Maudie” is based on the real-life story of Maud Lewis, a Nova Scotia artist who became renowned for her colorful and joyful paintings. The film takes viewers on a journey through Maud’s challenging life, chronicling her struggles with physical disabilities, poverty, and societal prejudice. It showcases her determination to pursue her passion for art, ultimately gaining recognition as an important figure in the world of folk art.

Stellar Performances

Sally Hawkins delivers a mesmerizing performance as Maud Lewis, capturing the complexity and resilience of the character. With her physicality and emotional depth, Hawkins breathes life into Maud, portraying her as a deeply compassionate and spirited individual. Ethan Hawke shines as Everett, Maud’s initially gruff and reclusive husband, gradually revealing his vulnerability and his evolving relationship with Maud. The chemistry between Hawkins and Hawke elevates the film, creating a captivating on-screen dynamic.

Exploration of Love and Artistic Expression

At its core, “Maudie” is a story about the transformative power of love and artistic expression. Maud’s relationship with Everett unfolds beautifully, depicting a bond that grows from necessity to a deep emotional connection. Their journey showcases the profound impact of love on Maud’s artistic spirit, as she finds solace and inspiration in her paintings. The film celebrates the transformative power of art, demonstrating how creativity can flourish even in the face of adversity.

Beautiful Cinematography and Setting

“Maudie” showcases the stunning landscapes of Nova Scotia, capturing the essence of the rural and coastal environment that influenced Maud’s art. The cinematography beautifully frames the landscapes and Maud’s humble surroundings, creating a visually striking backdrop for the story. The film’s attention to detail in recreating Maud’s tiny and vibrant painted house adds authenticity and charm to the narrative.

Celebration of Maud Lewis’ Legacy

“Maudie” is a heartfelt tribute to the enduring legacy of Maud Lewis and her contribution to the world of art. The film sheds light on the remarkable story of an artist whose work captured the hearts of many, despite her physical challenges and humble background. Through Maud’s story, the film invites viewers to appreciate the power of creativity and the potential for beauty in even the most unexpected places.


“Maudie” (2016) is a beautiful and poignant biographical drama that celebrates the triumph of the human spirit and the transformative power of art. With its remarkable performances, exploration of love and artistic expression, stunning cinematography, and tribute to Maud Lewis’ legacy, the film offers a deeply moving and inspiring cinematic experience. Whether you are a fan of art, appreciate compelling character-driven narratives, or simply seek a heartwarming story of perseverance, “Maudie” is a film that will leave a lasting impression.

Duration: 115 min.

Cloudburst (2011)

Cloudburst (2011)

“Love, Liberation, and an Unforgettable Journey: Cloudburst (2011)”

A Poignant Tale of Love and Freedom

Cloudburst, a 2011 comedy-drama directed by Thom Fitzgerald, takes viewers on a heartfelt and liberating journey of love between two elderly women. With its tender storytelling and exceptional performances, the film explores themes of companionship, acceptance, and the fight for personal freedom.

A Journey to Be Together

The narrative follows Stella (Olympia Dukakis) and Dot (Brenda Fricker), a long-term couple who decide to escape a nursing home in Maine to travel to Canada, where they can legally marry. Along the way, they encounter colorful characters, face unforeseen challenges, and ultimately discover the true meaning of love and freedom.

Themes of Love, Aging, and Personal Expression

Cloudburst delves into themes of love, aging, and the importance of personal expression. The film celebrates love in its purest form, regardless of age or societal norms. It also confronts the challenges faced by aging individuals and the fight for the right to live and love authentically.

Exceptional Performances and Chemistry

Cloudburst benefits from exceptional performances and heartfelt chemistry between Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker. Their portrayal of Stella and Dot is filled with authenticity, vulnerability, and humor. Their on-screen connection captivates audiences and evokes a range of emotions.

Emotional Depth and Empathy

The film offers emotional depth and encourages empathy towards its characters. It presents the challenges and discrimination faced by older members of the LGBTQ+ community with sensitivity and authenticity, inviting viewers to reflect on their own attitudes towards love and acceptance.

Scenic Beauty and Captivating Cinematography

Cloudburst showcases the scenic beauty of the Canadian landscape, capturing the vastness and tranquility of the surroundings. The captivating cinematography adds an extra layer of visual appeal to the film, complementing the emotional journey of the characters.

Moments of Humor and Heartwarming Bonds

Amidst its poignant themes, Cloudburst provides moments of humor and heartwarming connections. The characters’ witty exchanges and the genuine bonds they form with others they encounter along the way create a balanced and emotionally resonant viewing experience.

Inclusion and Celebration of Love

Cloudburst embraces inclusivity and celebrates the power of love in all its forms. It serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion, acceptance, and the fight for personal freedom, regardless of age or societal expectations.

In Conclusion

Cloudburst is a poignant and liberating comedy-drama that celebrates love, personal expression, and the fight for freedom. With its exceptional performances, heartfelt storytelling, and themes of love and aging, the film offers an unforgettable and emotionally resonant viewing experience. It serves as a reminder of the power of love to transcend societal barriers and the importance of embracing personal authenticity. This movie is a perfect choice for those seeking a heartfelt and uplifting film that explores the complexities of love and aging, all while championing the fight for personal freedom and the right to love and live authentically.

Duration: 93 min.