Goodbye World (2013)

Goodbye World (2013)

Goodbye World: An Apocalyptic Drama of Survival and Relationships

“Goodbye World” (2013) is an intriguing mix of drama and apocalyptic thriller, focusing less on catastrophic events and more on human dynamics under crisis. Directed by Denis Hennelly, the film explores how friendships and relationships are tested in a world on the brink of collapse.

Plot and Content

The film’s story revolves around a group of old college friends who retreat to a rural cabin when a mysterious cyber attack cripples civilization. As society crumbles around them, they must confront not only the challenges of survival but also the personal tensions and old grudges that resurface among the group.

James (Adrian Grenier) and Lily (Kerry Bishé), a couple leading a self-sufficient lifestyle in their off-grid home, become the de facto leaders of the group. The remaining friends include tech entrepreneur Nick (Ben McKenzie), political activist Benji (Mark Webber), government official Laura (Gaby Hoffmann), and others, each with their own issues and secrets.

Style and Reception

“Goodbye World” stands out in the apocalyptic genre by focusing on interpersonal drama rather than spectacle. It delves into the complexities of relationships and individual failings under the pressure of an impending societal collapse.

However, the film’s reception was mixed. Critics appreciated the unique approach to the apocalyptic genre and the performances, especially those of Grenier and Bishé. Still, some felt that the film struggled to balance its dramatic aspirations with the thriller elements, leading to a disjointed narrative.


“Goodbye World” is an interesting take on the apocalyptic genre, using a global crisis as a backdrop to explore personal relationships and human behavior. If you’re looking for a drama with an unconventional setting or a different perspective on end-of-the-world narratives, this film might be worth a watch.

Ratings: Not Rated

Running time: 101 minutes

Director: Denis Hennelly

Screenplay: Denis Hennelly, Sarah Adina Smith

Release Date: April 4, 2013

Genre: Drama, Comedy

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