Citizen Gangster (2011)

Citizen Gangster (2011)

“Unraveling the Layers of Desperation: Citizen Gangster (2011)”

A Tale of Desperation and Crime

Citizen Gangster, a 2011 crime drama directed by Nathan Morlando, tells the gripping and poignant story of Edwin Boyd (Scott Speedman), a World War II veteran turned bank robber. The film delves into the complex motivations and struggles that lead Boyd down a path of crime and desperation.

World War II Veteran Turned Criminal

The narrative follows Edwin Boyd, a disillusioned former soldier struggling to make ends meet for his family in post-war Canada. Frustrated with his mundane life, Boyd turns to bank robbery as a means to escape poverty and regain a sense of purpose and adventure.

The Dual Identity of Edwin Boyd

Citizen Gangster explores the duality of Edwin Boyd’s life, as he navigates the tension between his roles as a devoted family man and a notorious criminal. The film delves into his internal struggles, as he grapples with his actions and the consequences they have on his loved ones.

A Riveting Performance by Scott Speedman

Scott Speedman delivers a captivating performance as Edwin Boyd, capturing the complexity of his character’s motivations and inner turmoil. His portrayal adds depth and humanity to Boyd, allowing viewers to empathize with his choices, despite the criminal path he has chosen.

Themes of Desperation and Identity

Citizen Gangster explores themes of desperation, identity, and the lengths individuals are willing to go to escape their circumstances. The film raises questions about the impact of societal pressures and the allure of criminality when faced with limited opportunities.

An Authentic Glimpse into Post-War Canada

The film presents a realistic portrayal of post-war Canada, capturing the social and economic challenges faced by many individuals during that time. The attention to detail and period-specific elements immerse viewers in the era, adding authenticity to the narrative.

In Conclusion

Citizen Gangster is a gripping crime drama that sheds light on the motivations and struggles of an unconventional anti-hero. With Scott Speedman’s compelling performance, an exploration of themes such as desperation and identity, and its authentic depiction of post-war Canada, the film offers an engrossing viewing experience. It prompts reflection on the complex factors that drive individuals to make desperate choices and provides a glimpse into the blurred lines between right and wrong in the face of desperation.

Original name: Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster

Duration: 105 min.