Five Dances (2013)

Five Dances (2013)

Five Dances: A Poetic Exploration of Dance and Self-Discovery

“Five Dances” (2013) is a compelling drama that interweaves the worlds of dance and personal exploration. Directed by Alan Brown, the film is a poignant coming-of-age story told primarily through the language of dance.

Plot and Content

The film tells the story of Chip (Ryan Steele), a talented 18-year-old ballet dancer who moves to New York City from Kansas. Chip joins a small downtown dance troupe and is thrown into the deep end, with five challenging dances to learn.

As Chip trains under the guidance of the troupe’s demanding choreographer (Luke Murphy), he forms relationships with his fellow dancers. Among them are Katie (Reed Luplau), with whom he forms a close bond, and Theo (Ricky Ubeda), who becomes a romantic interest.

While Chip is dedicated to his craft, he grapples with his personal life, including his complex relationship with his troubled mother, Cynthia (Catherine Miller).

Style and Reception

“Five Dances” stands out for its emphasis on dance as a form of expression and communication. Much of the film’s narrative and character development is conveyed through dance sequences rather than dialogue, offering a unique storytelling approach.

The film’s performances, particularly Steele’s, received acclaim for their emotional depth and physical prowess. However, some critics noted that the film’s sparse dialogue and minimalistic plot might not appeal to all viewers.


“Five Dances” is a cinematic exploration of dance, self-discovery, and personal growth. If you’re intrigued by dance or character-driven narratives that use unconventional storytelling methods, this film is well worth a watch.

Ratings: Not Rated

Running time: 83 minutes

Director: Alan Brown

Screenplay: Alan Brown

Release Date: October 4, 2013

Genre: Drama

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