At Middleton (2013)

At Middleton (2013)

‘At Middleton’ – A Charming Romantic Comedy-Drama (2013)

“At Middleton,” released in 2013, is a romantic comedy-drama film directed by Adam Rodgers. The movie tells the story of two strangers who meet during a college campus tour with their respective children and embark on a spontaneous and transformative day together. With its heartfelt performances, witty dialogue, and exploration of unexpected connections and second chances, “At Middleton” offers a charming and enjoyable cinematic experience.

Plot Details:

The film follows Edith Martin (Vera Farmiga) and George Hartman (Andy Garcia), two parents accompanying their children on a tour of Middleton College. Edith, a free-spirited and outgoing woman, strikes up a conversation with George, a buttoned-up and reserved man, as they take a break from the tour.

As Edith and George wander away from the group, they find themselves exploring the campus and engaging in a series of delightful and spontaneous adventures. Throughout the day, they share personal stories, challenge each other’s beliefs, and discover unexpected connections. Their encounter brings out their hidden desires, ignites a sense of freedom, and leads them to question the choices they’ve made in their lives.

A Charming Romantic Comedy-Drama:

“At Middleton” is a charming romantic comedy-drama that explores the theme of unexpected connections and the transformative power of a single day. The film’s light-hearted humor, engaging performances, and witty dialogue create an enjoyable and relatable cinematic experience.

Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia deliver heartfelt performances as Edith and George, showcasing their chemistry and the gradual development of their connection. The film’s supporting cast, including Taissa Farmiga and Spencer Lofranco as Edith and George’s respective children, add depth and contribute to the story’s heartwarming dynamics.


“At Middleton” is a charming romantic comedy-drama that celebrates the power of unexpected connections and the joy of taking chances. With its heartfelt performances, witty dialogue, and exploration of personal growth and second chances, the film offers a delightful and enjoyable cinematic experience.

For viewers who appreciate romantic comedies with depth or stories about transformative encounters, “At Middleton” is worth watching. Prepare to be charmed by the journey of Edith and George as they rediscover themselves and embrace the possibilities of a single, transformative day in this delightful and heartwarming romantic comedy-drama.

Duration: 99 min.

Jim Jefferies: Fully Functional (2012)

Jim Jefferies: Fully Functional (2012)

“Jim Jefferies: Fully Functional” (2012): A Hilarious and Unfiltered Stand-up Comedy Special

“Jim Jefferies: Fully Functional” is a side-splitting stand-up comedy special released in 2012. Directed by Shannon Hartman, the show features the irreverent and fearless comedy of Australian comedian Jim Jefferies as he tackles a wide range of topics with his unique brand of humor.

Content and Style

In “Fully Functional,” Jim Jefferies fearlessly dives into controversial subjects with his signature no-holds-barred style. From religion and politics to relationships and social issues, Jefferies fearlessly expresses his unfiltered opinions and delivers biting punchlines that leave audiences laughing uproariously.

With his sharp wit and unabashed honesty, Jefferies takes audiences on a comedic journey that pushes boundaries and challenges societal norms. He shares personal anecdotes, often drawing from his own experiences and encounters, infusing his comedy with a blend of storytelling and observational humor. Jefferies’ unique ability to find humor in the most unexpected places makes “Fully Functional” an unforgettable and uproarious comedy special.

Reception and Impact

“Jim Jefferies: Fully Functional” received critical acclaim for its fearless and unapologetic approach to comedy. Jefferies’ ability to tackle controversial subjects with intelligence and wit garnered praise from both audiences and critics. His charismatic stage presence and skillful delivery contribute to the special’s success, as he effortlessly keeps viewers engaged and laughing throughout.

The special showcases Jefferies’ ability to weave humor into thought-provoking and taboo topics, challenging audiences to confront uncomfortable truths with laughter. By fearlessly addressing controversial subjects, “Fully Functional” exemplifies the power of comedy to spark conversations and push boundaries.


“Jim Jefferies: Fully Functional” is a hilarious and audacious stand-up comedy special that showcases the comedic genius of Jim Jefferies. With his irreverent humor, quick wit, and unfiltered approach, Jefferies delivers a memorable performance that leaves audiences in stitches. If you’re a fan of raw and fearless comedy that pushes boundaries and challenges societal norms, “Fully Functional” is a must-watch.

Ratings: Not Rated (Contains strong language and adult content)

Running time: Approximately 76 minutes

Director: Shannon Hartman

Release Date: October 30, 2012 (United States)

Genre: Stand-up Comedy, Humor

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Jim Jefferies: Alcoholocaust (2010)

Jim Jefferies: Alcoholocaust (2010)

Jim Jefferies: Alcoholocaust (2010) – A Hilarious and Controversial Stand-Up Comedy Special

“Jim Jefferies: Alcoholocaust,” released in 2010, is a stand-up comedy special featuring the irreverent and provocative humor of Australian comedian Jim Jefferies. Known for his no-holds-barred style and fearless approach to taboo topics, Jefferies delivers a hilarious and unfiltered performance that pushes boundaries and challenges social norms.

Comedy Style:
Jim Jefferies’ comedic style is characterized by his sharp wit, candid storytelling, and unabashed honesty. In “Alcoholocaust,” he fearlessly tackles controversial subjects, offering unapologetic commentary on topics such as religion, politics, relationships, and his own personal experiences.

Controversial Content:
The special is not for the faint of heart, as Jefferies dives headfirst into sensitive and controversial subjects. He fearlessly pushes the boundaries of political correctness, sparking both laughter and debate among viewers. His unique ability to find humor in dark and uncomfortable topics sets him apart as a fearless comedian.

Thought-Provoking Humor:
While Jefferies’ jokes may be provocative, they often carry underlying social commentary that challenges conventional thinking. His comedy prompts viewers to question societal norms, tackle taboos, and reflect on their own beliefs and biases. Through his irreverent humor, Jefferies provides a platform for discussing challenging subjects in a comedic context.

Entertainment and Laughter:
“Jim Jefferies: Alcoholocaust” offers viewers an opportunity to laugh uncontrollably while experiencing the raw and unfiltered comedic brilliance of Jim Jefferies. His charisma and engaging storytelling captivate audiences, creating an immersive and memorable comedic experience.

“Jim Jefferies: Alcoholocaust” is a stand-up comedy special that showcases Jim Jefferies’ unique comedic style and ability to tackle controversial subjects with fearless humor. It offers a memorable and entertaining experience for fans of bold and unapologetic comedy. However, due to its provocative content and adult themes, it may not be suitable for all audiences. If you appreciate edgy and boundary-pushing comedy that challenges societal norms and sparks laughter along with thoughtful reflection, “Jim Jefferies: Alcoholocaust” is a must-watch.

Duration: 75 min.