Ghostland (2018)

Ghostland (2018)

Ghostland (2018): A Terrifying Journey Into Fear and Madness

“Ghostland,” also known as “Incident in a Ghostland,” is a 2018 horror film written and directed by Pascal Laugier. This movie plunges its characters into a nightmare scenario, as they are confronted by unimaginable horrors within the confines of their new home.

Genre: Horror

As a film within the horror genre, “Ghostland” uses elements of suspense, psychological terror, and graphic violence to evoke fear and dread. The movie draws on common tropes like haunted houses and menacing intruders, while adding its unique narrative twists.

Plot Overview

The film follows sisters Beth and Vera, who move into their late aunt’s secluded home with their mother. On the first night, the family endures a horrific home invasion, leaving them traumatized. Sixteen years later, Beth, now a successful horror author, returns to the house after a distressing call from her sister. As she reconnects with her past, a series of frightening and surreal experiences blur the line between reality and nightmare.

Cast and Performances

“Ghostland” boasts a talented cast that adeptly navigates the film’s intense narrative. Crystal Reed and Anastasia Phillips deliver gripping performances as the adult versions of Beth and Vera, while Emilia Jones and Taylor Hickson play their younger selves. The cast’s committed performances heighten the movie’s sense of dread and impending horror.


“Ghostland” is a chilling horror film that takes audiences on a dark and unsettling journey. The movie’s intense narrative, coupled with standout performances and a suffocating atmosphere of dread, make it a notable entry in the horror genre. If you appreciate horror films that push the boundaries and leave a lasting impression, “Ghostland” is a film you should not miss.

Duration: 91 min.

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (2013)

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (2013)

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia: A Dark Tale of the Supernatural

“The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia” (2013) is a psychological horror film that plunges its characters into a terrifying supernatural ordeal. Directed by Tom Elkins in his directorial debut, the film builds upon the spookiness of its predecessor while offering a story of its own.

Plot and Content

Despite its title, the film isn’t a direct sequel to “The Haunting in Connecticut” (2009), instead offering a standalone story based on claimed real-life experiences.

The film follows the Wyrick family – Lisa (Abigail Spencer), Andy (Chad Michael Murray), and their young daughter Heidi (Emily Alyn Lind) – as they move into a historic home in rural Georgia. The family soon starts experiencing disturbing events, with Heidi, in particular, communicating with a group of apparitions that only she can see.

As the hauntings become increasingly dangerous, Lisa must confront her own past and the family’s disturbing history with the supernatural to protect her daughter.

Style and Reception

“The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia” combines psychological horror elements with a sense of Southern Gothic to create an eerie atmosphere. Its scares are primarily drawn from creepy visuals, sudden apparitions, and the ominous history of the family’s new home.

The film, however, received mixed reviews from critics. While some appreciated its atmospheric tension and strong performances, particularly from Spencer and Lind, others felt the film relied too heavily on jump scares and did not offer a cohesive narrative.


“The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia” is a chilling exploration of a family’s confrontation with the supernatural. If you enjoy haunted house films or tales of supernatural encounters based on alleged true stories, this might be a fitting addition to your watch list.

Ratings: R (for some disturbing horror content)

Running time: 101 minutes

Director: Tom Elkins

Screenplay: David Coggeshall

Release Date: February 1, 2013

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

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