The Trials of Cate McCall (2013)

The Trials of Cate McCall (2013)

The Trials of Cate McCall: A Gripping Tale of Redemption

“The Trials of Cate McCall” (2013) is a legal drama that features a compelling story about redemption and justice. Directed and written by Karen Moncrieff, this movie showcases an impressive performance from Kate Beckinsale in the titular role.

Plot and Content

The story follows Cate McCall (Kate Beckinsale), a former hotshot lawyer whose career is derailed by her struggle with alcoholism, resulting in her suspension from practicing law. In order to regain custody of her daughter, she must prove herself competent and reliable. Her chance at redemption comes when she is assigned to work on the appeal of Lacey Stubbs (Anna Anissimova), a woman wrongfully convicted of murder.

As Cate delves deeper into Lacey’s case, she uncovers a series of corruption and lies that have led to Lacey’s conviction. As she fights to prove Lacey’s innocence, Cate also battles her personal demons and tries to rebuild her life.

Style and Reception

“The Trials of Cate McCall” follows the traditions of courtroom dramas with intense testimonies, shocking revelations, and a character in search of personal redemption. The film’s strength lies in the performance of its lead actress, Kate Beckinsale, who delivers a convincing portrayal of a woman fighting for justice and her personal redemption.

The film, however, received mixed reviews from critics. While some praised Beckinsale’s performance and the film’s examination of the justice system, others felt the plot was somewhat predictable and lacked depth.


“The Trials of Cate McCall” is a drama that explores themes of redemption, justice, and personal struggle. With its courtroom intrigue and Beckinsale’s strong performance, the film offers a compelling narrative for fans of legal dramas and redemption stories. Although it has its flaws, it provides a thought-provoking look at the fight for justice.

Ratings: R (for language, some sexuality and drug use)

Running time: 89 minutes

Director: Karen Moncrieff

Screenplay: Karen Moncrieff

Release Date: November 28, 2013

Genre: Drama

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