Mudbound (2017)

Mudbound (2017)

Mudbound (2017): A Powerful Examination of Racism and Hardship

“Mudbound” is a 2017 historical drama directed by Dee Rees and based on the 2008 novel of the same name by Hillary Jordan. This captivating film explores themes of racism, friendship, and hardship in post-World War II Mississippi.

Genre: Historical Drama

Falling into the historical drama genre, “Mudbound” is a gritty and poignant film that paints a harsh picture of racial and social injustice in 1940s America. It’s a film that’s steeped in historical context, but its themes are timeless and still resonate strongly today.

Plot Overview

The story follows two families — the white McAllan family and the black Jackson family — who are trying to carve out lives on a small farm in Mississippi. When members of both families return home from World War II, tensions escalate as they struggle with the harsh realities of life and racism in the Jim Crow South.

Cast and Performances

“Mudbound” is graced by an ensemble cast featuring Carey Mulligan, Jason Clarke, Mary J. Blige, Rob Morgan, and Garrett Hedlund. Each actor brings depth and humanity to their roles, painting a complex portrait of life in a racially divided society. Special mention goes to Mary J. Blige, whose grounded performance as Florence Jackson earned her Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Song.


“Mudbound” is a powerful and emotional historical drama that offers a stark look at racism and post-war life in the rural South. Its strong performances, skillful direction, and moving narrative make it a must-see for fans of historical cinema and those interested in America’s racial history. With its unflinching exploration of deeply rooted societal issues, “Mudbound” is a film that provokes thought and stimulates conversation.

Duration: 134 min.

Dark Was the Night (2014)

Dark Was the Night (2014)

Dark Was the Night (2014): A Gripping Supernatural Thriller

“Dark Was the Night,” directed by Jack Heller, is a gripping supernatural thriller released in 2014. With its atmospheric tension, strong performances, and intriguing storyline, the film offers a chilling cinematic experience that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

A Sinister Presence in a Small Town

The story takes place in the remote town of Maiden Woods, which is plagued by a series of unexplained disappearances and strange occurrences. As the townspeople become increasingly fearful and tensions rise, Sheriff Paul Shields (Kevin Durand) and his deputy (Lukas Haas) investigate the sinister presence lurking in the nearby woods.

Atmospheric Tension and Suspense

“Dark Was the Night” builds tension through its atmospheric setting and slow-burning suspense. The film relies on a sense of dread and anticipation, gradually revealing the nature of the supernatural threat. The haunting atmosphere adds to the overall sense of unease and heightens the suspense throughout the narrative.

Compelling Performances and Character Depth

Kevin Durand delivers a compelling performance as Sheriff Paul Shields, portraying a man burdened by his own personal struggles while striving to protect his community. The film explores the depths of his character, revealing the internal conflicts he faces. Lukas Haas also delivers a strong performance as the deputy, providing a sense of support and camaraderie.

Exploration of Fear and Loss

“Dark Was the Night” delves into themes of fear, loss, and the destructive power of guilt. The film explores how these emotions can affect individuals and the community as a whole, shaping their actions and choices. It touches upon the consequences of past mistakes and the weight of responsibility.

Effective Use of Practical Effects

The film employs practical effects to create its supernatural elements, which enhances the realism and immersion of the story. The creature design and practical effects contribute to the eerie and unsettling atmosphere, adding to the overall impact of the film’s scares and suspenseful moments.


“Dark Was the Night” is a gripping supernatural thriller that combines atmospheric tension, strong performances, and an intriguing storyline. With its slow-burning suspense, exploration of fear and loss, and effective use of practical effects, the film offers a chilling and immersive cinematic experience. If you enjoy supernatural tales with a touch of psychological depth, “Dark Was the Night” is a film that will keep you captivated.

Duration: 99 min.

American Sniper (2014)

American Sniper (2014)

American Sniper (2014) – A Gripping and Controversial War Drama

“American Sniper,” directed by Clint Eastwood, is a gripping war drama based on the memoir of the same name by Chris Kyle. Released in 2014, the film tells the story of Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) and his experiences during the Iraq War. It explores themes of duty, patriotism, the psychological toll of war, and the complexities of combat.

Plot Overview

The film follows the life and military career of Chris Kyle, known as the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history. It depicts his journey from a Texas cowboy to a highly trained Navy SEAL deployed to Iraq. As Kyle serves multiple tours of duty, he faces numerous challenges and moral dilemmas on the battlefield.

Throughout the film, Kyle’s dedication to his comrades and his unwavering sense of duty drive him to protect and save lives. However, the toll of war and the trauma he experiences begin to take a toll on his mental well-being and personal life. The film explores the internal struggles Kyle faces as he grapples with the effects of his combat experiences and strives to find balance between his military responsibilities and his family.

Exploration of the Psychological Impact of War

“American Sniper” delves into the psychological toll of war on its protagonist, highlighting the trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the challenges veterans face upon returning home. It provides a glimpse into the realities of combat and the emotional scars that can last long after the physical battles have ended. The film examines the personal cost of military service and prompts discussions about the importance of supporting and understanding veterans’ experiences.

Character Study and Bradley Cooper’s Performance

The film is a character-driven study of Chris Kyle and his internal struggles. Bradley Cooper delivers a powerful and transformative performance, capturing the complexities of Kyle’s character with depth and nuance. Cooper’s portrayal portrays Kyle’s determination, dedication, and the emotional weight he carries, earning him critical acclaim and an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

Controversy and Different Perspectives

“American Sniper” generated significant controversy upon its release due to its portrayal of the Iraq War and differing perspectives on Kyle’s actions and motivations. The film’s portrayal of the war and its characters sparked debates about the nature of heroism, the ethics of war, and the complexities of the conflict in Iraq. The controversy surrounding the film highlights the power of storytelling to evoke emotional responses and spark discussions on important societal issues.

Technical Achievements and Authenticity

The film showcases impressive technical achievements, including realistic battle sequences and expertly crafted cinematography. The action sequences are intense and provide a visceral understanding of the dangers faced by soldiers in combat. The film’s attention to detail and authenticity in depicting military tactics and equipment adds to its credibility.


In conclusion, “American Sniper” is a gripping war drama that explores the psychological toll of war and the complexities of combat. Through its character study of Chris Kyle, the film delves into themes of duty, patriotism, and the effects of war on soldiers’ mental health. While generating controversy and differing opinions, it remains a powerful and thought-provoking cinematic experience. If you appreciate war dramas that explore the human side of conflict and the personal struggles faced by soldiers, “American Sniper” is a must-watch that will leave you contemplating the sacrifices made by those who serve in the military.

Duration: 133 min.

Call Me Crazy: A Five Film (2013)

Call Me Crazy: A Five Film (2013)

Call Me Crazy: A Five Film: Shining a Light on Mental Health

“Call Me Crazy: A Five Film” (2013) is a powerful anthology film that brings mental health issues to the forefront through five interconnected short films. Produced by Jennifer Aniston, Marta Kauffman, and others, and aired on Lifetime, this project enlists the talent of a noteworthy ensemble cast to create an impactful narrative about mental illness.

Plot and Content

The anthology comprises five short films, each named after its central character and each exploring a different mental health issue:

  • “Lucy” directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, focuses on schizophrenia. Lucy (Brittany Snow) is a law student who starts hearing voices and has to navigate her way through the disease with the help of her psychiatrist (Octavia Spencer).
  • “Grace” directed by Laura Dern, revolves around bipolar disorder. Grace’s (Sarah Hyland) mother (Melissa Leo) suffers from the disorder, and Grace struggles with the decision to leave for college.
  • “Allison” directed by Sharon Maguire, explores the impact of mental illness on family dynamics. Allison (Sofia Vassilieva) is the sister of Lucy from the first film, and her story provides a different perspective on the same situation.
  • “Eddie” directed by Bonnie Hunt, tells the story of a stand-up comedian (Mitch Rouse) suffering from depression, and how it affects his relationship with his wife (Lea Thompson) and daughter (Melissa Farman).
  • “Maggie” directed by Ashley Judd, delves into post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Maggie (Jennifer Hudson) is a female veteran who returns home from war and struggles to reintegrate into her former life.

Style and Reception

“Call Me Crazy: A Five Film” was praised for its effort to shine a light on mental health issues, a subject often overlooked in popular media. The performances, particularly by Brittany Snow, Melissa Leo, and Jennifer Hudson, received positive reviews for their authentic and emotional portrayals.

However, the film did receive some criticism for occasionally oversimplifying complex issues, but its overall intent and message were largely appreciated.


“Call Me Crazy: A Five Film” is a thoughtful and significant anthology that seeks to encourage discussions around mental health. If you’re interested in films that tackle serious societal issues and appreciate strong performances, this anthology is worth a watch.

Ratings: TV-14

Running time: 85 minutes

Directors: Laura Dern, Bryce Dallas Howard, Bonnie Hunt, Ashley Judd, Sharon Maguire

Screenplay: Deirdre O’Connor, Howard J. Morris, Jan Oxenberg, Stephen Godchaux, Erin Cressida Wilson

Release Date: April 20, 2013

Genre: Drama, Anthology

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