Maudie (2016)

Maudie (2016)

Maudie (2016) – A Beautiful Portrait of Artistic Triumph and Love

“Maudie” is a 2016 biographical drama film directed by Aisling Walsh. Inspired by the life of Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis, the film tells the story of Maud’s journey from a reclusive and physically challenged woman to a celebrated artist. With its heartfelt storytelling, mesmerizing performances, and poignant exploration of love and artistic expression, “Maudie” captures the essence of one woman’s indomitable spirit and creative triumph.

A Remarkable True Story

“Maudie” is based on the real-life story of Maud Lewis, a Nova Scotia artist who became renowned for her colorful and joyful paintings. The film takes viewers on a journey through Maud’s challenging life, chronicling her struggles with physical disabilities, poverty, and societal prejudice. It showcases her determination to pursue her passion for art, ultimately gaining recognition as an important figure in the world of folk art.

Stellar Performances

Sally Hawkins delivers a mesmerizing performance as Maud Lewis, capturing the complexity and resilience of the character. With her physicality and emotional depth, Hawkins breathes life into Maud, portraying her as a deeply compassionate and spirited individual. Ethan Hawke shines as Everett, Maud’s initially gruff and reclusive husband, gradually revealing his vulnerability and his evolving relationship with Maud. The chemistry between Hawkins and Hawke elevates the film, creating a captivating on-screen dynamic.

Exploration of Love and Artistic Expression

At its core, “Maudie” is a story about the transformative power of love and artistic expression. Maud’s relationship with Everett unfolds beautifully, depicting a bond that grows from necessity to a deep emotional connection. Their journey showcases the profound impact of love on Maud’s artistic spirit, as she finds solace and inspiration in her paintings. The film celebrates the transformative power of art, demonstrating how creativity can flourish even in the face of adversity.

Beautiful Cinematography and Setting

“Maudie” showcases the stunning landscapes of Nova Scotia, capturing the essence of the rural and coastal environment that influenced Maud’s art. The cinematography beautifully frames the landscapes and Maud’s humble surroundings, creating a visually striking backdrop for the story. The film’s attention to detail in recreating Maud’s tiny and vibrant painted house adds authenticity and charm to the narrative.

Celebration of Maud Lewis’ Legacy

“Maudie” is a heartfelt tribute to the enduring legacy of Maud Lewis and her contribution to the world of art. The film sheds light on the remarkable story of an artist whose work captured the hearts of many, despite her physical challenges and humble background. Through Maud’s story, the film invites viewers to appreciate the power of creativity and the potential for beauty in even the most unexpected places.


“Maudie” (2016) is a beautiful and poignant biographical drama that celebrates the triumph of the human spirit and the transformative power of art. With its remarkable performances, exploration of love and artistic expression, stunning cinematography, and tribute to Maud Lewis’ legacy, the film offers a deeply moving and inspiring cinematic experience. Whether you are a fan of art, appreciate compelling character-driven narratives, or simply seek a heartwarming story of perseverance, “Maudie” is a film that will leave a lasting impression.

Duration: 115 min.

Yes, God, Yes (2019)

Yes, God, Yes (2019)

Yes, God, Yes (2019) – A Charming and Empathetic Coming-of-Age Comedy

“Yes, God, Yes” is a 2019 coming-of-age comedy film written and directed by Karen Maine. The movie explores themes of sexuality, religion, and self-discovery through the humorous and heartfelt journey of a teenage girl navigating the complexities of her Catholic school upbringing.

Genre and Plot

As a coming-of-age comedy, “Yes, God, Yes” follows the story of Alice, portrayed by Natalia Dyer, a devout Catholic high school student who finds herself grappling with her sexual desires and exploring her own identity in the face of her school’s strict religious teachings. Set in the early 2000s, the film humorously explores the challenges and contradictions Alice faces as she confronts her own desires and tries to reconcile her emerging sexuality with her faith.


The film features a standout performance by Natalia Dyer as Alice, capturing the character’s innocence, curiosity, and internal struggles with authenticity. The supporting cast includes Timothy Simons, Wolfgang Novogratz, and Francesca Reale, who add depth and humor to their respective roles, contributing to the overall charm of the film.

Direction and Production

Karen Maine’s direction in “Yes, God, Yes” strikes a balance between comedy and empathy, creating a light-hearted and relatable atmosphere while addressing the complex themes at hand. The production values, including the period-specific setting and nostalgic visuals, add to the authenticity and charm of the film.

Reception and Critical Review

“Yes, God, Yes” received positive reviews from critics. The film was praised for its witty screenplay, Natalia Dyer’s endearing performance, and its ability to tackle sensitive topics with humor and empathy. It was appreciated for its nuanced portrayal of teenage sexuality, the exploration of religious guilt and shame, and its relatability to anyone who has grappled with questions of faith and personal desires.

Yes, God, Yes…

“Yes, God, Yes” (2019) is a charming and empathetic coming-of-age comedy that tackles themes of sexuality and religion with humor and heart. With its witty writing, sincere performances, and a relatable portrayal of the complexities of adolescence, the film offers an engaging and thought-provoking cinematic experience. Whether you have personal experience with Catholic upbringing, appreciate coming-of-age stories, or simply enjoy films that explore the universal themes of self-discovery and acceptance, “Yes, God, Yes” delivers a charming and relatable journey. Prepare to laugh, empathize, and reflect on the intricacies of navigating one’s own desires and beliefs as Alice navigates her way through the trials and tribulations of teenage life.

Duration: 78 min.

The November Man (2014)

The November Man (2014)

The November Man (2014): A High-Stakes Espionage Thriller

“The November Man,” directed by Roger Donaldson, is a high-stakes espionage thriller released in 2014. With its action-packed sequences, intricate plot, and gripping performances, the film takes audiences on a thrilling journey through the dangerous world of international espionage.

An Ex-CIA Operative Pulled Back into the Game

The story revolves around Peter Devereaux (Pierce Brosnan), a retired CIA operative who is drawn back into the world of espionage when a former colleague asks for his help. As he becomes entangled in a web of deceit and betrayal, Devereaux must navigate through a series of intense action sequences and international intrigue to protect a valuable witness, Alice Fournier (Olga Kurylenko), from a ruthless Russian assassin.

Intense Action and Thrilling Sequences

“The November Man” delivers intense action and thrilling sequences that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. From high-speed chases to explosive confrontations, the film delivers adrenaline-pumping moments that heighten the suspense and excitement of the espionage narrative.

Intricate Plot and Twists

The film features an intricate and layered plot, filled with twists and turns that keep the audience guessing. As secrets are unveiled and hidden agendas come to light, the story builds tension and intrigue, offering unexpected surprises and revelations along the way.

Compelling Performances

Pierce Brosnan delivers a compelling performance as the seasoned and relentless operative, Peter Devereaux. His portrayal captures the character’s skill, determination, and emotional complexity, adding depth to the film. Olga Kurylenko also shines in her role as Alice Fournier, displaying resilience and vulnerability amidst the danger.

Themes of Loyalty and Betrayal

“November Man” explores themes of loyalty and betrayal within the world of espionage. The film delves into the complexities of trust and the blurred lines between allies and enemies. It highlights the moral dilemmas faced by its characters as they navigate a treacherous landscape of shifting alliances.


“The November Man” is a high-stakes espionage thriller that delivers intense action, intricate plotting, and compelling performances. With its adrenaline-pumping sequences, twists, and exploration of loyalty and betrayal, the film offers an exhilarating cinematic experience for fans of the genre. If you enjoy fast-paced thrillers with complex characters and a dose of international intrigue, “The November Man” is a film that will keep you captivated.

Duration: 108 min.

From Paris with Love (2010)

From Paris with Love (2010)

From Paris with Love (2010) – An Action-Packed Thriller Filled with Excitement and Intrigue

“From Paris with Love,” released in 2010, is an adrenaline-fueled action thriller that takes viewers on a high-octane journey through the streets of Paris. With its fast-paced plot, intense action sequences, and dynamic performances, the film delivers a gripping and entertaining experience for fans of the genre.

Plot Summary:
The story follows James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), a low-level employee at the U.S. Embassy in Paris who aspires to become a special agent. When he is assigned to work alongside the unpredictable and reckless Charlie Wax (John Travolta), a maverick operative, their partnership leads them into a dangerous world of international terrorism and conspiracy.

As Reese and Wax race against time to uncover a plot that threatens the city of Paris, they encounter ruthless criminals, high-stakes action, and unexpected twists. Their mission takes them through a series of thrilling encounters and explosive confrontations, testing their skills, loyalty, and determination.

“From Paris with Love” explores themes of action, espionage, loyalty, and the complexities of international politics.

Action and Thrills:
The film is packed with high-octane action sequences, including car chases, shootouts, and intense hand-to-hand combat. The fast-paced nature of the story keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, delivering an adrenaline rush from start to finish.

Espionage and Intrigue:
As an espionage thriller, the movie delves into the world of secret agents, international terrorism, and covert operations. It offers a glimpse into the complex web of intelligence agencies, spies, and the political landscape.

Loyalty and Trust:
The relationship between Reese and Wax explores themes of loyalty and trust as they navigate dangerous situations and rely on each other’s skills and instincts. Their evolving dynamic adds depth to the storyline and highlights the challenges of partnerships in the world of espionage.

Political Intrigue:
The film touches upon the complexities of international politics, as Reese and Wax find themselves entangled in a conspiracy with global implications. It explores the motivations of different factions and the consequences of their actions.

“From Paris with Love” is an action-packed thriller that delivers excitement, suspense, and a fast-paced narrative. With its intense action sequences, dynamic performances, and themes of espionage and loyalty, the film offers an entertaining ride for fans of the genre. If you enjoy thrilling and adrenaline-fueled movies that keep you guessing until the end, “From Paris with Love” is a must-watch for your action movie collection.

Duration: 92 min.