Sweetwater (2013)

Sweetwater (2013)

Sweetwater: A Tale of Vengeance in the Wild West

“Sweetwater” (2013), also released under the title “Sweet Vengeance,” is a gritty western thriller that showcases the dark side of the frontier. Directed by Logan Miller, the film weaves a story of revenge and justice in the unforgiving landscape of the Old West.

Plot and Content

Set in the late 1800s in New Mexico, the film follows Sarah (January Jones), a former prostitute who now lives a peaceful life with her husband Miguel (Eduardo Noriega) on their small farm. Their tranquil existence, however, is disrupted by a self-proclaimed prophet, Josiah (Jason Isaacs), who rules the nearby town with an iron fist and has an insatiable greed for land and power.

After a tragic series of events that leads to her husband’s death, Sarah sets out on a path of revenge against the oppressive Josiah, drawing the attention of a renegade lawman, Sheriff Jackson (Ed Harris), who also has his own score to settle with the prophet.

Style and Reception

“Sweetwater” is characterized by its blend of western and noir elements, with gritty violence and dark humor. It is also notable for its strong female lead, with January Jones’s performance receiving particular praise.

However, the film garnered mixed reviews from critics. While some appreciated its stylish direction and performances, others felt that its story was somewhat underdeveloped and lacked the depth of classic westerns.


“Sweetwater” offers a dark, revenge-driven journey through the Wild West. If you’re a fan of the western genre and enjoy stories of personal justice and strong female characters, this film may be worth checking out.

Ratings: R (for strong violence, language, some sexual content and graphic nudity)

Running time: 95 minutes

Director: Logan Miller

Screenplay: Andrew McKenzie, Logan Miller, Noah Miller

Release Date: October 9, 2013

Genre: Western, Thriller

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