Imperial Dreams (2014)

Imperial Dreams (2014)

‘Imperial Dreams’ – A Gritty Tale of Redemption and Resilience (2014)

“Imperial Dreams,” released in 2014, is a powerful drama directed by Malik Vitthal. The film offers an unflinching look at the struggles and hardships faced by a young man trying to break free from the cycle of crime and poverty in his community. With its raw and authentic storytelling, “Imperial Dreams” paints a poignant picture of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

Plot Details:

The story follows Bambi (John Boyega), a 21-year-old aspiring writer recently released from prison, as he returns to his crime-ridden neighborhood in Watts, Los Angeles. Determined to lead a better life and provide for his young son, Bambi confronts the harsh reality of the challenges awaiting him.

Bambi’s dreams of becoming a writer are tested as he grapples with his family’s involvement in the drug trade, the temptations of the streets, and the systemic obstacles that hinder his progress. Despite the odds stacked against him, Bambi’s love for his son and his unwavering determination fuel his pursuit of a better future.

An Authentic Portrayal of Struggle and Hope:

“Imperial Dreams” stands out for its gritty and authentic portrayal of life in a marginalized community. The film tackles issues of poverty, systemic inequality, and the cyclical nature of crime with unflinching honesty. It sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals striving to escape the confines of their circumstances.

John Boyega delivers a remarkable performance as Bambi, capturing the character’s vulnerability, resilience, and conflicted emotions. His portrayal showcases the complexities of a young man torn between his responsibilities, his dreams, and the harsh realities of his environment.


“Imperial Dreams” is a compelling and emotionally resonant film that shines a spotlight on the struggles faced by marginalized communities. With its authentic storytelling, powerful performances, and thought-provoking themes, the movie provides a window into the resilience and strength of individuals fighting for a better future.

For viewers interested in socially conscious dramas or stories of redemption and perseverance, “Imperial Dreams” is a must-watch. It’s a film that reminds us of the power of hope and determination, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Prepare to be moved and inspired by Bambi’s journey in “Imperial Dreams” as he strives to break free from the cycle and find his own path to redemption.

Duration: 87 min.

The Citizen (2012)

The Citizen (2012)

“The Citizen” (2012): A Moving Tale of Identity, Belonging, and the Power of Hope

“The Citizen,” directed by Sam Kadi, is a heartfelt drama released in 2012 that tells the inspiring story of an immigrant’s journey towards finding his place in a new country. Set against the backdrop of post-9/11 America, the film explores themes of identity, discrimination, and the universal desire for acceptance.

Plot and Setting

“The Citizen” follows the life of Ibrahim Jarrah (played by Khaled Nabawy), a Lebanese immigrant who arrives in the United States with dreams of achieving the American dream. As he settles in Los Angeles, he encounters various challenges and obstacles that test his resilience and determination. Despite facing discrimination and prejudice due to his ethnicity and religion, Ibrahim remains steadfast in his pursuit of belonging and finding his voice as a citizen.

Exploration of Identity and Belonging

At its core, “The Citizen” delves into the complexities of identity and the struggle to find a sense of belonging in a foreign land. Ibrahim’s journey highlights the difficulties faced by immigrants as they navigate cultural differences, language barriers, and societal prejudices. The film sheds light on the universal longing to be seen and accepted for who we truly are, regardless of our background.

Resilience and Hope

“The Citizen” portrays Ibrahim’s unwavering resilience in the face of adversity. Despite the challenges he encounters, he maintains a sense of hope and determination to make a positive impact in his new community. The film showcases the transformative power of hope and the strength that comes from believing in oneself, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Thought-Provoking Themes

Through its narrative, “The Citizen” raises thought-provoking questions about immigration, cultural integration, and the impact of fear and prejudice on individuals and communities. It encourages viewers to reflect on the importance of empathy, compassion, and understanding in fostering a more inclusive society.

Authentic Performances and Emotional Depth

Khaled Nabawy delivers a compelling performance as Ibrahim, capturing the character’s journey with authenticity and emotional depth. The supporting cast, including Agnes Bruckner, Rizwan Manji, and William Atherton, also contribute to the film’s powerful portrayal of the immigrant experience.


“The Citizen” is a moving and thought-provoking drama that tackles themes of identity, belonging, and the power of hope. Through Ibrahim’s inspiring journey, the film sheds light on the challenges faced by immigrants and highlights the resilience and strength that can be found in the pursuit of one’s dreams. Prepare to be moved by this poignant tale that explores the universal desire for acceptance and the transformative power of compassion and understanding.

Ratings: Not Rated

Running time: 99 minutes

Director: Sam Kadi

Release Date: October 26, 2012 (United States)

Genre: Drama

Embark on Ibrahim Jarrah’s remarkable journey in “The Citizen” as he navigates the complexities of identity, discrimination, and the pursuit of the American dream. Witness the power of resilience, hope, and the universal longing for acceptance. Experience a film that prompts reflection and fosters understanding of the immigrant experience.

Loosies (2011)

Loosies (2011)

“Loosies” (2011): A Pickpocket’s Unexpected Journey

“Loosies” is a comedy-drama film released in 2011. It tells the story of Bobby, a pickpocket living a carefree lifestyle in New York City. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters a one-night stand who reveals that she is pregnant with his child. Bobby is suddenly forced to confront his irresponsible behavior and make difficult choices that could change his life forever.

Bobby’s Con-Artist Lifestyle

Bobby, played by Peter Facinelli, is a charismatic and street-smart pickpocket who navigates the bustling streets of New York City. He relies on his quick wit and nimble fingers to make a living, stealing from unsuspecting victims. Bobby’s lifestyle is carefree and devoid of commitments, but everything changes when he learns about the unexpected pregnancy.

A Surprising Twist

The plot takes an intriguing turn when Lucy, the woman Bobby had a one-night stand with, shows up pregnant and demands that he take responsibility. Bobby finds himself grappling with a newfound sense of responsibility and the need to reconcile his past actions. As he navigates the challenges of impending fatherhood, Bobby begins to question his choices and reevaluate his priorities.

Unlikely Relationships

Throughout the film, Bobby forms unexpected connections with various individuals who challenge and shape his perspective. From a fellow pickpocket and mentor figure to a sympathetic police detective, Bobby’s interactions with these characters add depth to his personal journey. These relationships highlight the complexity of human connections and the potential for personal growth and change.

Balancing Humor and Drama

“Loosies” strikes a balance between comedy and drama, providing moments of levity amidst the emotional weight of the story. Bobby’s sharp wit and mischievous personality create opportunities for humor, while his personal struggles and the challenges he faces evoke empathy and introspection. The film explores themes of self-discovery, redemption, and the transformative power of love and responsibility.

New Beginnings and Personal Growth

As Bobby grapples with the unexpected consequences of his actions, he undergoes a transformative journey. He confronts his own shortcomings and embarks on a path of personal growth and self-discovery. The film explores the idea of second chances and the potential for redemption, as Bobby strives to become a better person and embrace the responsibilities and joys of fatherhood.


“Loosies” is a heartfelt and engaging film that combines elements of comedy, drama, and personal growth. It explores themes of love, responsibility, and the unexpected ways in which life can change us. With its charismatic performances and a compelling storyline, the film offers an enjoyable and thought-provoking viewing experience. Whether you’re drawn to its comedic moments or its poignant reflections on personal transformation, “Loosies” offers a satisfying blend of entertainment and introspection.