The Colony (2013)

IMDb 5.3

The Colony: A Chilling Fight for Survival in a Frozen World

“The Colony” (2013) is a post-apocalyptic horror film that presents a grim, frozen future where the struggle for survival leads to unexpected horrors. Directed by Jeff Renfroe, the movie delivers a chilling blend of sci-fi, horror, and action elements.

Plot and Content

Set in a dystopian future where snowstorms and ice have engulfed the world due to a failed experiment to stop global warming, “The Colony” follows a group of survivors living in Colony 7, one of the few remaining outposts.

When they lose contact with Colony 5, which had reported a possible solution to their weather problems, a team, including Briggs (Laurence Fishburne), Sam (Kevin Zegers), and Graydon (Atticus Dean Mitchell), sets out to investigate. However, they soon encounter a threat far more dangerous than the icy conditions outside.

The group stumbles upon a horrifying discovery that changes the nature of their mission. They must face this unexpected menace if they hope to ensure their colony’s survival.

Style and Reception

“The Colony” combines the post-apocalyptic genre with elements of horror, offering both chilling atmospheric scenes and fast-paced action sequences. The barren, icy landscapes and the confined colony interiors contribute to a sense of isolation and impending doom.

However, the movie received mixed reviews. Critics praised its intriguing premise, atmospheric setting, and the performances, particularly Fishburne’s. Nonetheless, some felt that the film’s potential was undermined by a lack of character development and an inconsistent narrative.


“The Colony” offers a suspenseful and grim vision of a future where humanity’s struggle for survival against the elements leads to unforeseen horrors. If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic scenarios or horror films, this icy tale of survival might be an engaging watch.

Ratings: Not Rated

Running time: 95 minutes

Director: Jeff Renfroe

Screenplay: Jeff Renfroe, Svet Rouskov, Patrick Tarr, Pascal Trottier

Release Date: April 12, 2013

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Horror

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