The Square (2017)

IMDb 7.2

The Square (2017): A Satirical Take on Art and Society

“The Square” is a 2017 satirical drama film from Sweden, directed by Ruben Östlund. This critically acclaimed film won the Palme d’Or at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, impressing audiences and critics alike with its cutting commentary on modern art and societal norms.

Genre: Satirical Drama

“The Square” falls within the genre of satirical drama, using irony and exaggeration to critique modern art culture, social responsibility, and the human capacity for understanding and empathy. It combines dramatic elements with a keenly satirical perspective, ensuring an intelligent, thought-provoking viewing experience.

Plot Overview

The film revolves around Christian (Claes Bang), the respected curator of a contemporary art museum in Stockholm. When his phone is stolen, Christian’s attempts to retrieve it lead him into a series of unfortunate events. Meanwhile, the museum prepares to launch a controversial new exhibit called “The Square” – an art installation that invites visitors to be responsible and altruistic. As Christian grapples with various personal and professional crises, the movie exposes the pretensions and contradictions of the art world and society at large.

Cast and Performances

Claes Bang delivers a strong performance as the film’s flawed protagonist, Christian. His portrayal of a man spiraling out of control in the face of minor setbacks is both compelling and subtly comedic. Elisabeth Moss and Dominic West also offer memorable performances in their supporting roles.

The Square

“The Square” is a smart, provocative satirical drama that uses the backdrop of the art world to examine societal hypocrisies and human imperfections. With its sharp wit, compelling performances, and thoughtful social commentary, it offers viewers an engaging, thought-provoking cinematic experience. If you appreciate films that aren’t afraid to poke fun at societal norms while delving into deeper themes, “The Square” is well worth a watch.

Duration: 151 min.

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