Time Freak (2018)

IMDb 5.8

Time Freak (2018): A Time-Traveling Romance

“Time Freak” is a 2018 romantic comedy-drama film directed by Andrew Bowler. Based on Bowler’s 2011 short film of the same name, “Time Freak” takes the viewer on a lighthearted, time-traveling journey about love and second chances.

Genre: Romantic Comedy-Drama

As a romantic comedy-drama, “Time Freak” delivers a compelling blend of humor, heartfelt emotion, and sci-fi elements. The film’s tone vacillates between playful and poignant, exploring the ups and downs of a romantic relationship while using time travel as a comedic and metaphorical device.

Plot Overview

The story follows Stillman (Asa Butterfield), a physics prodigy who invents a time machine after his girlfriend Debbie (Sophie Turner) breaks up with him. Determined to fix his past mistakes and win Debbie back, Stillman, along with his best friend Evan (Skyler Gisondo), embarks on a wild ride through their shared past, reliving and modifying key moments of their relationship.

Cast and Performances

“Time Freak” benefits from its talented cast, featuring Asa Butterfield and Sophie Turner in the lead roles. Butterfield shines as the neurotic, heartbroken genius, Stillman, and Turner delivers a strong performance as his independent, strong-willed girlfriend, Debbie. Skyler Gisondo adds a touch of humor and charm as Stillman’s hapless best friend.

Time Freak

“Time Freak” is a delightful romantic comedy-drama that effectively uses time travel as a narrative device to explore themes of love, regret, and the lengths one would go to for a second chance. It’s a light-hearted and engaging film, underscored by strong performances and a charmingly offbeat premise. If you’re a fan of rom-coms with a twist, “Time Freak” is definitely worth a watch.

Duration: 104 min.

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